Our Business

We take thoughts and dreams which have strong growth potential and bring benefits both to investors and the whole society and transform them into reality.


Today, we can no longer even imagine what phenomenal innovations simple technologies such as the knife, flint and steel, or the plough were. The first tools invented by a clever man in an ordinary dwelling had a fundamental impact on the history of our entire civilisation.

And it is no exception that the ground-breaking technologies of the present are developed in the heads of talented people perhaps in a modest office or rented garage. The mission of the GFF group is to recognise extraordinary technological solutions and shift their value into global business


Today’s agriculture raises many questions for society. And the GFF group has a strong desire to find the right answers to those questions. Therefore we invest a considerable part of our knowledge and experience in new approaches to the use of farmland, crops or animal breeding.

Our goal is not just to satisfy basic human needs. We are primarily looking for projects that respect life in all its breadth. Our role is to work tirelessly to enable future generations to live in a natural environment that is just as amazing as the one we live in.


Ingenious innovations have a potential to develop many areas of human life all at once. One improvement may have a tremendously positive impact on society and the environment all over the world. At the same time, its expansion is often prevented by “mere trivialities” – imperfect marketing, incorrect contacts or a lack of finances.

The GFF group uses its strength to easily overcome those obstacles. We are pleased to watch how ingenious innovations are transformed into top products and services, which have a positive impact on both present and distant future. We believe that along with other people and companies, we will create permanent values that will change the world for the better.


Since time immemorial, architecture has primarily had a utility value. It creates the space where most of us spend the majority of our lives – be it with family, at work or in our free time. However, low energy demands or even absolute self-sufficiency are becoming an important parameter of the current development.

At GFF, we believe that these new parameters have, in essence, a great utility value for all of us. We see enormous potential in structures which use natural and recycled materials, environmentally-friendly and economical technologies, and unusual architectonic solutions.


The area of modern services is one of the primary goals of the GFF group. In fact, effective services create a solid base for other investment segments and are able to speed up their development in a revolutionary manner, ensuring their exponential growth.

In addition, such services benefit business as a whole. Thanks to talented people with extraordinary knowledge, we develop services which reach all corners of the world. We are not limited by space or time. Thanks to stable contacts, we can transfer everything that works in the European environment to other continents as well.


Our successes

Concrete results with a meaningful content are the most valuable for us. We have successfully completed a wide range of projects and thus broadened our positive outlook for the future.


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