Statement from the leadership of GFF investment group on the current situation in Ukraine

The leadership of GFF investment group has been following the developments of the last few days in Ukraine with great concern. Even though our business concerns in that region are minimal and though our enterprises are in a completely different field, we are not indifferent to the current situation.

We want to express maximum solidarity and support for Ukraine in this difficult time.

GFF investment group unequivocally stands on the side of freedom and democracy. We support the efforts of the Czech government and of the European Union to stop the Russian aggression and the suffering of innocent people. The use of violence and weapons to solve conflict is completely unacceptable in the 21st century. In protest against this campaign of the Russian Federation we immediately halt all business activity in Russia. With this decision we hope to help Ukrainian families, women, children, and senior citizens return peacefully to their homes to live in freedom.
Ondřej Bartošmajority partner GFF
Martin Luňákpartner GFF
Martin Podobapartner GFF
In Brno, 28 February 2022